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est. 2011 ◆ creating since 2004
liker of useless things

hobbies art, anime, manga,
video games, Final Fantasy,
Tales of, Pokemon

skills illustration, design,
prepress, print management

Art Pricing

Start your commission by messaging me on Twitter, or emailing me directly!

I can also do stuff like logo & branding design, Twitch overlays and panels, prepress help, character design, etc. Ask for a quote!

Check my Ko-fi for special promotions!

$90 USD$70 USD

Artwork of your character from head to toe. Choice of flat colour or transparent background.

Extra Character is double the pricing
Complexity (Details, Weapons, Background) +$30

BUST / HEADShadedFlat
$60 USD$40 USD

A choice for those that would like to use their characters in online profiles or avatars. A bust or head shot with optionally provided cropped avatar. Choice of transparent, flat color or blurred basic background.

Half-body/Waist-up +$20
Extra Character is double the pricing
Complexity (Details, Weapons, Background) +$30

$40 USD$30 USD

Your character in a simplified "chibi" style. Choice of flat colour or transparent background. Some details may not be preserved fully.

Extra Character is double the pricing

(I don't have good chibi samples help)
(Imagine the quality of the Full Body but in chibi cuteness)

EMOTESSinglePack of 3
$30 USD$85 USD

Twitch or Discord emotes that scale great at any size. You will be provided files at 112px size. If you want them larger, please let me know so I can accommodate any print requirements. Ask for larger bundle discounts!

Simple Animation (Blinking/Waving) +$15
Linked Emotes +$5

Terms of Service

By commissioning me in any capacity, you agree to the following terms and policies. Commissions are conducted mainly via Twitter DM, Discord DM, or email. Unique offer commissions may be requested through my Ko-fi (

◆ Artwork is usually completed within 14 business days, starting from the day you approve the sketch (if applicable).
◆ Once your request is accepted, I will send a sketch for your approval.
◆ Upon approval of the sketch, I will invoice the amount we agree upon via Paypal in USD.
If any issues arise regarding time, I will message you with updates.

◆ Minor fixes are free, such as colour tweaks or small details.
◆ Major revisions after the sketch/pre-payment will be re-quoted and invoiced accordingly.
◆ Rush fees for delivery of artwork within a week's notice is subject to additional charge of 150% of the quoted price.

◆ I reserve the right to deny, cancel and/or refund a commission for any reason.
◆ Refunds may be requested only before delivery of the final work.
◆ I retain all rights to my artwork, which include but is not limited to using the artwork for self-promotion and uploading to online galleries and portfolios, unless otherwise agreed upon before payment.

Depending on the type of art you receive from me, your usage is outlined below:
A. Commissioned artwork is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
You may share the artwork under the following terms:
Attribution — Credit and link my social media (Twitter) or this site.
NonCommercial — Do not directly profit or use my work for resale.
NoDerivatives — Do not modify / copy / trace my work.

B. Emotes and Twitch Artwork is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0
You may share and redistribute the material in any medium or format
for any purpose, even commercially, under the following terms:
Attribution — Credit and link my social media (Twitter) or this site.
NoDerivatives — Do not modify / copy / trace my work.

C. OOAK Adoptables and P2U Art are licensed under CC BY 4.0
You may share and adapt your purchase (remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially) under the following terms:
Attribution — Credit and link my social media (Twitter) or this site.

Failure to comply to my Creative Commons terms and/or issuing a chargeback without my consent will forfeit ALL your rights to the artwork created, and I will reserve my rights to reuse the artwork in any way without your approval.

What i can draw

■ Real life animals, pets, fantasy creatures
■ Furries, Anthros, Kemonomimi
■ Humans or human-like species
■ Suggestive/Romantic Themes

I can draw these, but will add +$30 USD to your cost:
■ Mecha / Technical / High Detail
■ Scenery / Backgrounds / Complicated Props

Please email me directly if you're looking for:
■ Explicit scenes (sexual)
■ Explicit scenes (gore / violent)

I will not draw

■ Extreme Fetish art
■ Anything depicting minors or characters that appear below consenting age in a problematic or harmful way
■ Any political or social commentary artwork, particularly in any derogatory or inflammatory way

Thanks for understanding. If there's anything you'd like clarified, please ask!


I always appreciate you reaching out and saying hi. These are the sites I can be contacted through—you may ask about commissions/requests through any of these, though I may not always see some messages immediately. Please give me 1-2 business days to see them.

You can also email me directly by clicking below!